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Puntius ticto – Habit and Habitat, Identifying Characteristics, Economic and Ecological Importance.

The common name of Puntius ticto is “Ticto Barb”, “Two-spotted barb” and the local name is “Tit punti”. In this article of Puntius ticto, we will learn 1. Taxonomic/Systematic position, 2. Habit and Habitat, 3. Identifying characteristics, 4. Ecological importance, 5. Economical importance.


Taxonomic Position of Ticto Barb

Phylum: Chordata

  Sub Phylum: Vertebrata

    Class: Osteichthyes

      Order: Cypriniformes

         Family: Cyprinidae

           Genus: Puntius

               Species: Puntius ticto (Hamilton, 1822)


Habit and Habitat of Puntius ticto

1. It is a native fish of South and South East Asia especially Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Srilanka and so on.

2. Two-spotted barbs natively live in a subtropical environment and prefer water with a 6.0 – 7.0 pH.

3. It is a freshwater fish.

4. It is usually found in the still water of lakes, canals, ponds, rivers etc.

5. They are omnivorous and feed on plankton, algae, small aquatic insects, worms, crustaceans etc.

Puntius ticto

fig: Puntius ticto (Hamilton, 1822)


Identifying Characteristics of Puntius ticto

1. Maximum length of the body is about 10 cm.

2. Body is short and compressed.

3. It has thick fleshy lips.

4. Barbels are absent around the mouth.

5. Snout is well developed.

6. Mouth is small and position is terminal.

7. The color of the body is silvery. 

8. Two black spots were found on the lateral line.

9. It has dorsal, pectoral, pelvic, anal, and caudal fins.

10. Scales are present on their body.

11. Lateral line incomplete.

12. Fin formula: D. 3/8; P1. 13-15; P2. 9; A. 2-3/5


Ecological Importance

1. They are freshwater fish. They are part of the freshwater and aquatic ecosystems.

2. They are omnivorous and feed on plankton, algae, small aquatic insects, worms, crustaceans etc.

3. They browse close to the substrate in shallow water. They are found mostly in muddy bottoms.

4. They are the food of monster fishes, birds, snakes, and so on.

5. They are also tasteful food for humans and other animals.


Economic Importance

1. They are very delicious food and protein source for humans.

2. They are being cultivated and playing an important role in a country’s GDP by importing and exporting them.

3. People also take them as pets and put them in the aquariums as they are very beautiful to look at.

4. Ticto barb has medicinal value. Doctors suggest patients to eat Ticto Barbs.

5. They also have a great demand as dry fish.



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