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Content Guidelines

content guidelines - swarborno

We allow our visitors to publish their notes, articles, or any other research papers. Before submitting your articles, you have to follow the content guidelines.


Content Guidelines

1. You should be the original creator/author of your article. 

2. No plagiarism. Don’t know what is plagiarism? Check here.

3. Your content should be related to our website. It should be educational scholarly articles.

4. No adult content.

5. The word limit should be more than 700.

6. Do not copy from books, magazines, or other documents.

7. Don’t spread hate speech through your articles.

8. You have to avoid poking any religious group, religious extremism, nudity, racism, and illegal materials.

9. Don’t include any links to your article.

10. Follow Proper Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Capitalization, and Sentence Structure.

11. At least one image is a must.

12. No adult, gambling, hacking, violent, copyrighted, drugs, or alcohol images will be approved.

13. You have to provide proper references and citations.

14. After completing the content follow the instructions of our Write for Us page.


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