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Md Ekram Hossain Bhuiyan

Md. Ekram Hossain Bhuiyan, Founder of Swarborno

Md Ekram Hossain Bhuiyan is a passionate student currently pursuing his studies at Jagannath University in Dhaka. He is a zoology major and his love for animals, nature, and wildlife is evident in his academic pursuits. Ekram is a curious and adventurous individual who always seeks to learn more about the world around him. His passion for animals began at a young age, and he has since dedicated himself to studying the behavior, anatomy, and habitats of various species.

He finds peace in being surrounded by the beauty of nature and observing the creatures that call it home. He believes that it is important to protect and preserve the natural world for future generations.

As a student of zoology, Ekram is dedicated to expanding his knowledge of the subject. He is a hardworking individual who strives for excellence in his studies and is always eager to take on new challenges. Ekram is a driven and compassionate individual who is dedicated to his studies and his passion for animals, nature, and wildlife.

Our website is dedicated to sharing the wonders of the natural world with enthusiasts like you. Whether you are a pet keeper, an avid nature lover, a budding zoologist, or simply intrigued by the diverse beauty of wildlife, we have something for everyone.

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